Egypt’s Unrest and Bible Prophecy

Watch this Egypt thing play out because it’s a game changer, not only in the Middle East, but also in the way people will view Bible Prophecy. Egypt has the biggest military force in the area besides Israel, so they have been a big reason why there has been an uneasy truce between Israel and Hamas. In fact, despite all the hype about Iran, Egypt is currently the most powerful nation in the Arab world, and a nation that Israel tends to watch very closely.

It’s safe to say that Egypt is a very big deal in the Middle East peace process. As in, whether peace exists or not.

Now, if Egypt were to become radicalized lets say, then a chorus of end of the world predictions will likely start being heard, and perhaps with good reason. But by the looks of things right now, it is not radical Islam that is behind this unrest, but people who wish to be free and have a real democracy. What if the secular democracy supporters win out?

Good question. For one, it’s going to trash a lot of the predictions made by Bible prophecy guys and gals. This “turning point in history” as Geraldo Rivera said the other day, sure could end up becoming a GOOD “turning point” in the eyes of most of the world. IF democracy takes hold in Egypt, it is very possible that dictators and radical Islam will find themselves on the way out in nations all over the Middle East. That would be good news wouldn’t it?

It would also be why end of the world scenarios should be taken for what they are: Total Guesses. Many of the Bible prophecy guys who write books all the time, have been saying that terrorism and Islamic radicals are the driving force toward Armageddon. (Similar books predicted 30 years ago that it would be the USSR and her allies) But now, IF Egypt gains a secular democracy… all those books will probably be wrong as democracy begins to sweep the Middle East.

And suddenly, I think there will be a big question for Christians to answer. If Egypt and the Middle East starts to break free of radical Islam, the question that will be foremost on the minds of a great many people will be this:

Does this mean the Bible isn’t really true? And it’s a question that needs to be answered, so here is my answer: Of course not! The Bible doesn’t say anywhere that radical Islamic terrorists will create a one-world government, or usher in the end of the world. Remember, the Bible also never said the USSR would do those things. The Bible isn’t “wrong” if things work out differently than we guessed. We are the ones who were wrong. When the Bible says a world leader will arise who will deceive many, it doesn’t mean that world leader has to be a terrorist, or has to be from Syria, or has to be Saddam Hussein, or has to be a Muslim, or has to be Henry Kissinger, or has to be… you get the idea. That’s just someone’s guess. It’s a total guess.

So keep in mind, this week world events MAY take us a direction we didn’t expect. Doesn’t mean the Bible isn’t true, just means we guessed wrong. Ironically, it actually may mean we are closer than ever to the end of the world.


First, the opposition of the world to the message of Jesus and the Bible would not decrease at all. As we know, even in our own democracy, opposition to Christianity is increasing. Separation of church and state, especially in nations that have been under the thumb of radical Islam, will likely be enforced more than ever. (Understandably) And just as the democracy in India or Israel puts restrictions on Christianity, don’t think for a second that the same won’t continue throughout the Arab nations. Hopefully, the killing will decrease however, and Christians will simply face prison time… Hey take the small victories.

Second, the great evolutionary worldview of naturalism (the worldview that explains everything without God, and rejects the Bible) would sweep into the nations of the Middle East, the last area of the world that currently rejects evolution and requires teaching of creation -albeit by Allah right now. With a worldly, secular democracy, these nations will move toward the same worldview the rest of the planet embraces. Think about that. The entire world would not only come together economically like never before, but for the first time in modern history, the entire world would embrace a godless worldview. Ironically, a one-world system would be closer than ever…

Third, the world setting described in this verse would be true:

When they are saying, Peace and safety, then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall in no wise escape. -I Thessalonians 5:3

If terrorism appeared to be defeated, and democracy swept the world, then why WOULDN’T people be “saying peace and safety”? Who could blame them? It would appear to be within our grasp at the least.

Finally, with peace in the Middle East a real possibility -or even a real reality- and with radical Islam’s power reduced, then it would be far easier to build that Temple thingie… wouldn’t it? Hmmm….

(Why a democratic revolution might have been predicted by the Bible all along.)

At any rate, while the Bible Prophecy writers might have missed a few predictions,(ok, most of them usually) the world might be closer than ever to a literal return of Christ. So whatever happens…

(deep voice, raising my diet mountain dew bottle…) stay ready my friends.


Author: CP

Pastor of Mountain View Christian Church, Mountain View MO. 47 years old, 3 kids and a beautiful wife! God has really blessed me.

44 thoughts on “Egypt’s Unrest and Bible Prophecy”

  1. The poor people of Egypt. Why can not such power transitions occur peacefully. In the violent nationwide protests against the government in Egypt on Friday after information from the health ministry 38 people have been killed. As representatives of the Ministry announced on Saturday in Cairo, twelve people died in the capital and killed in the city of Suez. About 1,900 people were injured, including 500 police officers. Since the protests began on Tuesday it has thus nearly 50 deaths and 2500 injuries given. The people I feel really sorry.

  2. Glad to meet somebody who sees behind the mask and the obvious.
    Spiritual powers behind the scenes are working towards one world order. There were two obstacles to uniting the world: communism and Islam. One has fallen, other one is to fall. Born a jew in a communist Poland, I never bought into communist paranoia and I am not buying into muslim paranoia. What will overtake the world is so much more sinister then either of these. But where the darkness is the greatest the light shines the brightest. In the end it is God who is in control of all, all things ultimately working for good and to His divine purpose.

  3. Anything is possible when world leaders are backing such movements. The world does need to pay very close attention to what happens across the globe. People should already have been making wrongs right and exercising and understanding what they were created for. If these recent events “scare” some into living more righteously and walking by their faith more precisely, that’s better then never.

  4. Dominika Privatt :

    What will overtake the world is so much more sinister then either of these. But where the darkness is the greatest the light shines the brightest. In the end it is God who is in control of all, all things ultimately working for good and to His divine purpose.

    Gotta say, I really agree that what will overtake the world is much more sinister. And much more accepted by the entire world.

  5. The bible says he is going to humble Egypt and she and assarya and Israel will get along in the end times. He’s says in I think Isiah 9 that he will punish her something concerning the water and other things, once she humbles here self in the sight of The Father then he will restore her.Prophecy is never wrong in the bible its how we intrepret.

  6. oh yea what really gets me is when Israel had their forest burned and people were homeless. I heard very little on the news about Americans send aid and help for these people, who are thThe Father’s chosen people , but any middle Eastern country has something go on the Media and the President gets on the band wagon and over exzgarrates and makes them so important, It discusting how our people at home are jobless, homeless, going throught all kinds of things and a Middle eastern countries is having problems, then the red alert and red carpet is handed out to them. The Egytians need to stay in their own country and work their problems out and American needs to take care of all the problems we are having, Beside the middle east hate us americans and burn our flags and our stupid president sends them food and money and medical help and arms while he is raising taxes and messing up the medical system we have. Do you see any countries helping us , when we had hurriucane Katerina. I just get so sick of our taxs dollars going to help people who hate us. WE need to quite enabling them and let them figure their way out of their messes, like american showed be doing . we wouldn’t have such a high decefit if we quite give other countries money our money.

  7. Ummm dream on “democracy?” the unrest is being backed bu the Muslim Brotherhood, if things change it will be more radical and include Shiria law, there is no organized revolt with any democratically leaning base. It will end up being more radically islamic.

  8. Not necessarily. There are secular groups leading the charge as well. A dream? Maybe. As a former Israeli ambassador said today, there’s no way to know which way this is going to end up. It bears watching.

  9. Anyone ever hear of the Alliance Of Civilizations? They want to bring all the world’s religions together. They are against any kind of fundamentalism. Turkey, I believe, is the main headquarters. Maybe God is allowing this situation with Egypt in order to cause Jews to make aliyah to Israel- as it’s prophecied in the Bible.

  10. Brian,
    You could certainly be right. Secular capitolism is uniting the world across all geo-political boundaries. Babylon is spreading like wildfire. I spent several years in East Africa. As more and more people gain access to cheap technology like cell-phones and the internet, they are sucked right into the global culture of godless materialism. Worse yet, many teens and children are exposed to technology before the adults around them. Their is little supervision and even less discernment to protect people from the incoming onslaught of the very worst that the “developed” world has to offer.

    ONLY the Lord Jesus can save us from ourselves.

  11. That’s what I’m thinking Mitch. While it may work out differently than we had once thought, (undoubtedly it WILL work out differently than we thought on many things) the world is still headed toward the end described by Bible prophecy.

  12. I find it strange that anyone should wish the worst for the enemies of our christian faith to the extent of wanting to to find biblical justification. In as much as there is a lot pararrels we can draw from old testament prophesies with whatever upheavals are taking place now has anyone ever taken thought that the entire new testament makes no mention of any particular nation other than Israel when it comes to the end times. That day will come like a thief in the night and the admonition in the NT is that we be wise in the manner we walk, occupy ourselves with the works of our Master Jesus rather than follow populist tale barers. It is God’s wish that ALL men without exception be saved. Democracy or no democracy Christians have and will face percsecution. Our calling is to be always about our Master’s business pray that doors will open for the spread of the gospel in these conflict torn zone. David

  13. David,
    Indeed, ours is not a battle against flesh and blood. But it is right to watch for the return of the Lord. Jesus said;
    “Therefore keep watch because you do not know when the owner of the house will come back–whether in the evening, or at midnight, or when the rooster crows, or at dawn. If he comes suddenly, do not let him find you sleeping. What I say to you, I say to everyone: ‘Watch!'”
    Jude said;
    “But, dear friends, remember what the apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ foretold. They said to you, “In the last times there will be scoffers who will follow their own ungodly desires.” These are the men who divide you, who follow mere natural instincts and do not have the Spirit. But you, dear friends, build yourselves up in your most holy faith and pray in the Holy Spirit. Keep yourselves in God’s love as you wait for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ to bring you to eternal life.”

    Because we love the Lord, we endeavor to know everything about Him, all of His plans and purposes, and we watch for His return. As we see the signs of His return, we reach out to others, knowing that the time is short.


  14. This article makes it sound as though when Egypt becomes a democracy, the rest of the Muslims are going to just say, “Forget Islam; all we really wanted was democracy.” This seems like a ludicrous supposition to me.

  15. In Egypt and other Arab nations, there is actually quite a large section of people who would support secular democracy. A great many people in Iran recently rioted for this, and the government put them down brutally. Egypt and others cannot use the same tactics to remain in power because they rely so much on American aid, and the US would not be able to turn a blind eye to such brutality as Iran got away with. Nevertheless, in the article, I’m just raising the advent of secular democracy as a possibility. There is no way to know how it’s ultimately going to work out. If the radicals win in Egypt, I would not be surprised to see them win in other Arab nations and the entire region explode in a war with Israel. If democracy wins out first (or perhaps after a Mid East War) then without a doubt the world would celebrate the real possibility of peace for the first time in forever. And it would ironically, fall in line with Bible prophecy perhaps even more closely.

  16. Mitch
    Amen! Who then is a FAITHFUL and WISE servant…Mt24:45. Isnt it amazing that at the time of John the Baptist and our Lord the Roman empire dominated most of the known world. The colonised peoples were still fighting for their liberties and yet at no time does the Nazarene add His voice to advocate the right to self determination. Not that He was blind to the oppressive rule of His time but knew His mission. As hearts are regenerated so will our society and the manner in which we are governed change.

  17. Thanks for your discussion on Egypt’s current unrest. Our pastor’s sermon yesterday was on this very point and, like you, he was correct to say that unraveling biblical prophecy is at best a guess, until it really happens and we can look back and say “Aha!” His take on the Egypt situation was the same as yours too so thanks for the explanation. I appreciate that common sense pastors/ministers are “Biblically blogging” so keep it up!!
    God bless! Stuely

  18. I like the optimism of the author of this article. I hope the radical muslims in the middle east will cast out, but the day will come as the Messiah/Yeshua will wage war with them. Middle East is the epic center of the crisis, the “Bible prophecy” is based on Middle east not american based nor russian based nor asian based. Someday the Messiah will avenge all the persecuted christians in Egypt and that country will fall in hand of the Lord!

  19. it seems that when these types of situations occur like in somolia, pakistan, etc. that the radical muslims seem to take over, the muslim brotherhood would not be friendly to christians. I guess time will tell and egypt could go from being a friend to being not a friend to us or israel, just like Turkey is being less pro western?

  20. Thanks for all the varied thoughts on the Egypt situation. Isn’t it a GRAND time to be living! The anticipation of our Lord’s return is exciting!

  21. All men have the right to freedom. The time had arrived for Egyptian to be free. Though I am not Egyptian, I know what its like to live under a dictatorship and I salute you for taking a radical stand against oppression, even in the face of death.

    Though I am saddened by the lives lost and pray for the families, it is often only by death that new life is found.

    The bible says – Less a seed fall to the ground and die it can in no wise bring forth life …

    To those who died … May your lives be rememembered for the stand you took. Though you do not live to see a free Egypt, may the blood you spilled on the street of Egypt forever be a reminder of your courage and so proclaim your victory.

    It takes one voice to make change ….
    You became a voice of change, not only in Egypt but for others who face similar dictatorships.

    I salute your bravery.
    May your example pave the way for others.

  22. These are my thoughts too. Jeremiah say’s the false prophets say peace peace,when there is no peace. Well Who in the name of peace will unite the arab countries under a banner of peace. I think it might be the Deceiver,the devil,the antichrist that will be the greatest thing since ” Democracy” or sliced bread. I’m pretty sure the bible say’s that everyone gives up their power or freedom to the beast,because they believe he has the answers to their problems, sooo Who know,s ( GOD KNOWS) and so I guess we have to read the bible more to know God,s mind but just accept that He won’t tell us everything,and quit guessing.The events are significant because they happen in just the places God told us they would happen.

  23. True freedom is coming. In my opinion, freedom in this world is just a glimpse of the joys of true freedom, found in our hope in Christ. “Now we see but a poor reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face.” -I Corinthians 13:12

  24. Great thought, sounds like a few things can happen: Either there is deception, a democracy government shall be established but will turn. Two this could be a test of Faith. Many people will lose Faith that the Bible is not true, thus God is not real. God’s plan can be of “Choice”, how we chose will determine on how we live or change. We are now due to the internet in the age of discovery, we are about to and have discovered many things that we know that was said to be true be not true to what we were taught. Information access and the discoveries of new ancient artifacts has given us knowledge about some of what mankind is and how old we are and what we may or may not become. The Age of Aquarius, changes in mankind are to come, in information, development, science and space exploration, well being. Earth maybe the dictator of what will become of us. Outside forces sent by God from beyond on space and time shall interact or interceed and how we expand our knowledge. Many things shall happen and be this timetable it would have to happen in a flash. As he has stated I shall come like a thief in the night.

  25. Just so you know…Islam and Iran and most Muslim nations ARE allies of Russia and China and North Korea…Just sayin…ALL Bible prophicies are TRUE…its just a matter of WHEN…and if the messengers can decode them right…Dont blame God or His word, because in the end…EVERY WORD that was spoken in the Bible will come to pass. Whether we’re alive to see it or not.

  26. So many have died and lived since the bible was first written…and even tho we pass…God’s Word has remained…and has remained true. And one more thing…God WANTS us to know His mind and whats going on. I do. I seek Him everyday, and He gives me knowledge that I dont even care about @ the time, but is going to be played out in the bigger picture. Trust me…God is VERY open to those who seek Him, thats the problem with the world…Even after ALL this, they still wont seek Jehova our God-the God of the Universe who came as Christ Jesus to die 4 our sins. Its not about prophocies themselves..But God will ONLY reveal His plans to those who seek Him. Then and only then will He reveal His most intimate secrets with you.

  27. Bible prophecies are not easy to understand especially when you are trying to find out why certain things just happened. When we trust God and His word enough then we can take him for His word. No guess work. Daniel predicted “And such as do wickedly against the covenant shall he (be) corrupt by flatteries: but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits. And they that understand among the people shall instruct many: yet they shall fall by the sword, and by flame, by captivity, and by spoil, many days….Dan .11:32-45. Just try and read all, you see how correct & current the Bible is. Dan 11:1-45 should better be seen as 2011 Jan 1-45 hmmmm!

  28. Im sorry but i went to a catholic school for 9 years. I do not believe in the bible because of critical thinking. Religon is a tool to seperate people. It causes wars whether you want to accept it or not.

  29. Religon surfaced when early civilaztions could not explain weather, bilogical, psycholgical, chemical happenings. Therefore myths and stories were made to explain “why things happen.” Time to wake you people up using history and facts. (not stories that have countless different answers)
    Im about to show you true mythical beings and stories from early civilizations that will resemble Jesus Christs stories and background.

    The story
    3000 b.c. Eygpt son of the god “Ra”
    Born Dec 25th
    Born from virgin named ises mary
    Star in the east
    adorned by three kings
    teacher at age 12 baptized at age 30
    “horus” had 12 disciples
    performed miracles
    died for 3 days

    Greece 1200 b.c. “Attis”
    born dec 25th
    born of a virgin
    died for 3 days

    Persia 1200 b.c. “Mithra”
    Born of a virgin
    born dec 25th
    had 12 disciples
    preformed miracles
    died for 3 days
    worshipped on “Sunday”(interesting)

    India 900 b.c. “Krishna”
    born of a virgin
    star in the east signaled her coming
    preformed miracles

    The fact of the matter is there are numerous saviors from different periods from all over the world that subscribe to these general characteristics. Historians have found proof of this.

    But why these attributes??????

    Well lets examine the most recent messiah.

    The story
    Jesus Christ
    born dec 25th
    born of a virgin
    star in the east signaled his coming
    3 kinds adorned him
    12 disciples
    preformed miracles
    at 12 he started teaching
    at age 30 he was baptized by john the baptist
    dead for three says

    Hmm still believe a book that was written after these attributes were used!!!???
    The bible is folklore.

    India 900 b.c. “Krishna”
    born of virgin
    preformed miracles

    Greece 500 b.c. Dionysus
    born of a virgin
    born dec 25th
    prefromed miracles

  30. Wake Up, I deleted your last post, and if you’d like your posts to be A-taken seriously or B-actually posted, then please refrain from ad hominem, personal, or profanity laced attacks. Besides, it sorta destroys your argument that “religion” is what causes division and wars, when your lack of religion prompts you to be only one who attacks others.

  31. Here’s the best rebuttal to most of the claims you mentioned, and it comes from a very non-Christian source:

    To be fair, neither the Bible, nor any church for the most part, teaches Jesus was born on December 25. The early Church decided to celebrate the birth of Christ on December 25 because of all the other pagan celebrations on that day. They wanted people to quit celebrating other religions and instead celebrate Jesus. It was a purely arbitrary thing, and pretty much everyone in Christianity understands that.

    Second, it’s a logical fallacy to “prove” the Bible is folklore because stories with similarities existed in the past. Jesus as a historical figure is established by sources other than the Bible. And of course, the link above shows there wasn’t nearly as much similarity, or nearly as much likelihood that the story of Christ was copied from earlier folklore some try to say.

    Third, not all of your facts seem to be correct, which makes it difficult for me to accept your conclusion. For instance, Mithraic tradition says Mithra was NOT born of a virgin, but born fully grown from solid rock. And interestingly the EARLIEST claims of Mithra are from documents that only go back to 100 AD. So they may have actually copied some from Christ.

    Fourth, in fact, that’s the problem with the whole argument above. Much of the evidence for this is found in evidence which is younger than Christianity, and only claims that this was true in the past.

    One scholar said, “Of approximately 150 miracle stories from antiquity that we know of only one other case in the entire miracle story tradition before Philostratus’ Life of Apollonius (written after A.D. 217) of an immanent bearer of numinous or preternatural power (and then in only a singular version of his miracle)—Melampous, according to Diodorus of Sicily (writing c. 60–30 B. C.).

    From the same article, “Regarding resurrections, there are no clear parallels of a resurrection that predate Christianity.One may cite the account of Aristeas as a possible parallel. But the differences involved make it look little like what we see with Jesus.The first clear parallel does not appear until long after the life of Jesus, probably Adonis around AD 150”

    So I simply don’t buy that Jesus is just a folklore invention from the standpoint of critical thinking.

    My biggest confidence of course, comes from the history of Christianity itself. I just don’t see how people allow themselves to be fed to the lions, crucified, dragged to death, tortured, suffer in dungeons and prisons, for something they actually know isn’t true. And every apostle died horribly, except for John who WAS cast into boiling oil but survived, and none of them got rich from it or had a motive worth such incredible suffering. I believe, they believed.

    And they would have known it wasn’t true.

  32. wake up :

    Religon surfaced when early civilaztions could not explain weather, bilogical, psycholgical, chemical happenings. Therefore myths and stories were made to explain “why things happen.”

    That’s one view. Religion would have also “surfaced” after God created the earth.

  33. Wake Up-
    I am sorry that you had to go to catholic schools,your critical thinking skills were correct in causing you to question an ungodly religious system. Don’t throw salvation out with the bathwater, so to speak.When Jesus judges the harlot church, of which the catholic system is surely a part, then justice will be done for the countless millions who were put to death or lead astray by this system. To be sure, there are catholics who have overcome the world, just as there will be many protestants in the harlot church as well. Lukewarmness is the plague of the church in the 1st World today.I hope you would look to the scriptures and pray for understanding. God never turns His back on those who seek Him.

  34. Man cannot grasp the ways of God. All the assummations is threatened by the divine wisdom which is a vain wish to man. God owns the world and has a real grasp of his products dynamism and know man can grasp this. You are celebrating the sweep of democracy without remembering that so many political systems like democracy has come and gone into oblivion. Do you know hom many people are fighting democracy and do you think there own day of triumph will not come. W

  35. I believe that what is important is that we should prepare for heaven and not be traped by what next happens to the world which IS the property of God. God can delay, shift, twist and revise the time, circumstances, and summasualt signs that leads to end time. Say this simple prayers and at the point of the end of the world you will be protected “Virgin Mary I love you, Protect and guide Me, Hide me in your Immaculate Heart during the Three Days Darkness and chastistment and be with me now and at the hour of my death. Amen.

  36. Ah, Dr. Onah, please do not pray to Mary, for where did Jesus ever say to do so when He was asked specifically “teach us to pray?” He did not. In fact, the Bible says in Joel, and later in Romans, to call upon the name of the Lord in the end times. I would highly recommend doing THAT and warn you against praying to a blessed woman who is nevertheless, merely a fellow servant with you. Worship God!

  37. Torah teacher states that the Hebrew word of Egypt is Chaos so if one replaces Egypt with Chaos guess what one learns? Without God -Chaos forever.Try it, it will blow your mind and you’ll be astonished at what God is telling us.

  38. Greetings Crazy Pastor guy and Brother in Christ! I appreciate what you had to say very much and the humor to boot…very funny. But I have to agree that people always tend to look for war and war mongers as the ultimate signs of the end times, but the Bible is clear that it will be peace and a peace maker (albeit false) that will be the ear marks of new world system w/ anti-Christ, etc….I remember when Sadam Huessein was waging war during the elder Bush’s term that many people asked me if I thought Sadam was the ant-Christ? My reply was always the same, “No, he’s to mean.”
    Thanks for your intersting and Godly input!

    All Hail the Lion of Judah…..and Live!”

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