Sign of the Apocalypse in Egypt? -Mysterious Horseman

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow show has a video clip showing various riot scenes from Egypt, and at about the 10:27 mark in a clip titled “World’s Eyes on Egypt,” there appears to be a mysterious horseman. Obviously this is a glare, or a weird reflection of the fire on the lens of the camera. Nevertheless, for anyone who knows of the four horsemen of the apocalypse in Revelation chapter 6, it’s kinda spooky, and very, very cool.

Here’s the original from Rachel Maddow’s site. The video is long, and the ghostly image appears around the 10:27 mark.

Here’s a much shorter video that plays up the spookiness factor. (It’s a little silly)

Here’s a link that demonstrates it’s just a camera lens thing.

Speculations are abounding on Youtube. While it is undoubtedly just a weird reflection, it is nevertheless a rather striking one. Why couldn’t it have looked like a racoon? Or a flaming peace symbol? Or the Eye of Sauron? For something that appears to simply be one of those camera anomalies, it sure picked a significant shape. A thought-provoking one for me.

Twenty years ago, while studying the book of Revelation, I came up with a theory about Revelation 6 that no one really took seriously, and I quickly dropped. By “no one,” I mean the 3-4 people I explained my theory to. Hey, I was just a young college student with plans to make a career in business, not dedicate my life to the ministry. Just as well. If I’d tried that theory out in Bible college, it would have undoubtedly been shot down even sooner, different as it was from a traditional interpretation. Besides, nothing really came of it. Twenty years passed, and the world didn’t end.

Which certainly may happen again, but for the record, it is somewhat interesting that something I predicted 20 years ago, seems poised to happen in the Middle East. Maybe my timing was just off?

Anyway, I predicted democracy would sweep the region, and that the rider on the White horse in Revelation 6, was democracy. A thing, not a person. Today, I think I’d just call it revolution.

Here’s how I got there:

The second rider in Revelation chapter 6 is riding a red horse, and he takes peace from the earth. He is obviously War, and war is a thing. A thing that happens.

The third rider in Revelation chapter 6 is riding a black horse, and its rider was holding a pair of scales, while voices cried out about exorbitant prices for food and essentials. He is obviously Famine, or an even broader Economic Distress, and that is also a thing. A thing that happens.

The fourth rider in Revelation chapter 6 is riding a pale horse, and this one the Bible actually names -Death. Hades follows behind him. The rider Death is given power over one-fourth of the earth to kill by various means, including war and famine. Death is also a thing. A thing that happens.

Of these four horsemen in Revelation 6, at least three of them are things that happen. Why would we assume the first is a “who?”

Most often, the first rider on the white horse is assumed to be either the anti-christ, or Jesus. The idea this is Jesus comes from the fact he’s riding a “white horse” and Jesus is riding one in Revelation 19. However, this rider in Revelation 6 is wearing merely a victor’s crown (the kind that would be worn by winning in the Roman games), while Jesus is wearing many crowns, the kind that would be worn by kings signifying authority and rule.

Plus, in Revelation 6, Jesus is the one who releases the first seal, including the rider on the white horse. Kinda weird that He would release Himself. Seems more natural to conclude this is not Jesus, but someone, or something, else.

Most have traditionally interpreted the rider on the white horse in Revelation 6 as the anti-christ. And evil world rulers aren’t exactly new, so one could argue this is a “thing,” but… what other “things” would also fit?

Well 20 years ago, I wondered if democracy would fit. Or revolution. And as revolution and democracy begin to sweep the Middle East as we watch on tv, I find myself wondering the same thing again.

If so, war would follow. Hope that takes longer than 20 years.


Author: CP

Pastor of Mountain View Christian Church, Mountain View MO. 47 years old, 3 kids and a beautiful wife! God has really blessed me.

6 thoughts on “Sign of the Apocalypse in Egypt? -Mysterious Horseman”

  1. Interesting perspective. Refreshing to know that I am not the only one that questions the traditional view of prophecy? It sounds like it has as much validity as most other views I have come across.

  2. Thank you Steve, and yeah, you know those traditional views of Bible prophecy have traditionally been off the mark. From the Jews expectations of Jesus to more modern times.

  3. I’m not a theologian or expert, but taking the description by the numbers- rider on a white horse, crown -given- to him, armed with a bow(no arrows or quiver), and went forth conquering and to conquer. First of all, I come to this as a person that lives in the U.S., so the fear of having my judgment affected by that is something I’m well aware of. The white horseman, in my convictions, is currently operating through the United States. The U.S. prides itself as a christian nation(for the most part), began as a constitutional Republic where the People were the Sovereigns of the nation, but over the years through a civil war and more and more irresponsible legislation has brought the President from a small portion of the intentionally very limited government to a ruler capable of iron-clad control of the entire nation with a single declaration(war powers act, U.S. in a perpetual state of war since its enactment, executive order, martial law). This would explain the color white and the crown -given- to the rider. The bow could symbolize a powerful military, as the bow and arrow were one of the more powerful weapons of the day, the ability to strike long-range, even to kill without ever being seen as the adversary, but without the arrows or quiver being described in the vision, it could be understood that even though he’s equipped for war he goes about conquering and to conquer without using the weapon. The United States is heavily armed and capable of hitting targets anywhere in the world without ever laying eyes on them, but is notorious for toppling regimes, installing rulers, etc. through non-lethal(to the U.S.) propagandizing, as can be seen in the Middle East and Africa today. Keep in mind, I don’t want to seem like one of those that leap to describe Revelation in terms of the present, but I’m not afraid to looks for signs of the Lord’s return, as he instructed. Also, I believe the U.S. is basically the base of operations for the white horseman, but not -the- white horseman, as the four horseman are described as spirits from before the throne of God.

  4. Billy in my opinion, describing in present terms is sometimes all we can do, because who knows what the future terms will exactly be? So I think you’ve got some food for thought there. One thing to consider, that crown the rider of the white horse is wearing is a chaplet. A crown worn by champions of the Roman games for instance. A victor’s crown. There is a different Greek word for a ruler’s crown, which is used in Revelation 19 when Jesus is wearing crowns and called “King of kings, and Lord of lords.” Another detail to consider the meaning of.

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