Pat Robertson Takes Old Earth Stance Again

Pat Robertson… wow, how many sentences on blogs have started with THAT name over the years?… anyway Pat Robertson recently made a few headlines again when he tried to explain his position on the age of the earth.  I don’t want to be too harsh on him, after all, he DID admit he might get lynched for saying this.  But it’s worth mentioning that the Christian world is split on the issue of the age of the earth.

Back in January, a poll by Lifeway Research found that while pastors overwhelmingly rejected evolution, they were split on the age of the earth.  This isn’t new.   In the early 1900’s, a dominant view with many Christians was that there was a “gap” of time between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2, and during this gap the dinosaurs existed.  Although that particular view has fallen out of favor somewhat because of our understanding of how the Hebrew language works, there are plenty of Christians who believe the days in Genesis weren’t literally 24 days but more like ages of time, and others who find “gaps” in various ways that account for old earth.

Robertson has long been one of the old earth guys, along the same lines of Christian scientist Hugh Ross whose website, books, and articles have been at the forefront of the Christian old earth viewpoint.  Young earth creationists, with websites such as Answers in Genesis, Institute for Creation Research, and Creation Truth Foundation are just a few of the big ones that provide the theological and scientific evidence for a young earth.

As crazy as a young earth sounds, most people tend to be shocked at the evidence for it.  After all, we’ve been told our entire lives that the universe is 13.6 billion years old or more. (Depending on how old you are).  6,000-10,000 years just sounds weird to most of us.  Judging by Robertson citing Carbon 14 dating which is never, EVER used in dating the earth, and Pat’s struggle to bring up any actual proof, it sounds like he believes the earth is old because…. well that’s what everyone always says right?

I’m not making fun, we really ARE influenced by our preconceived world view.  It’s what makes things seem reasonable or stupid to us at the very mention of them.  So if you’ve grown up believing dinosaurs lived 60 million years ago, then someone saying they lived 6,000 years ago does sound pretty ridiculous, even if you’ve never personally dated a dinosaur bone.  Young Earth Creationists are likewise perceived as kooks, even though several notable scientists and academics and even some Mensa members are convinced the earth is much younger than advertised.

Typically, due in large part to this whole world view thing we all have, its easy to just assume the evidence is overwhelming that the earth is 4.6 billion years old and the universe is 13.6 billion.   But is it?  This type of thing is still debated publicly at universities and various forums, so obviously there are two sides the story.  Speaking for myself, it wasn’t until I looked at and studied the science of it, that I became a young earth guy.

Listening to Pat, it sounds like a world view thing because he quoted no real evidence.  He just mentioned a dating method that isn’t used for the earth at all, and the fact that dinosaur skeletons have been found.  That’s like saying the earth is old because the sky is blue.  Of course it looks blue, but why do you think it’s been around for 4.6 billion?  One doesn’t follow the other.  No matter if you think the earth is old or young, dinosaurs still existed.

Since the Bible doesn’t come out and give a number, Christians are generally all over the map on the age of the earth.  The only thing I’d really criticize Pat Robertson for is his dismissive tone in this video toward those who believe the earth is young.  They’ll lose their children he says.  Or maybe their children will become accomplished scientists who believe in a young earth?  Because someone should tell Pat, there are several of those people running around.  Maybe Pat can let Bill Nye guest host with him?


Author: CP

Pastor of Mountain View Christian Church, Mountain View MO. 47 years old, 3 kids and a beautiful wife! God has really blessed me.

3 thoughts on “Pat Robertson Takes Old Earth Stance Again”

  1. The only science or history that really matters is: Jesus Christ, conceived of a virgin, born, preached, crucified/died for our sins, resurrected, and returning. The rest is open to interpretation beyond that.

  2. The Truth of Genesis: Michelle, Contact Me, Because Dr. Pat Robertson
    Refuses To Help You And Others!!

    Back in late November 2012, a viewer named Michelle, wrote to the 700 Club,
    which is aired on the Christian Broadcasting Network. Dr. Robertson was
    apparently trying to answer Michelle’s letter which she had sent him. In it
    she said ““I have three teenage boys and now two of them are questioning the
    Bible. This scares me! They tell me if the Bible is true then I should be able to
    reasonably explain the existence of dinosaurs. This is just one of many things they
    question. Even my husband is agreeing with them. How do I explain things to
    them that the Bible doesn’t cover? I am so afraid that they are walking away
    from God. My biggest fear is not have my children and husband next to me in
    God’s kingdom.”

    Part of Dr. Robertson’s reply was “You go back in time, you have carbon dating,
    all these things, and you have the carcasses of dinosaurs frozen in time. They are
    out there. And so there was a time when these giant raptors were on the Earth and
    it was before the time of the Bible. So don’t try to cover it up and make like
    everything was 6,000 years, that’s not the Bible.”

    I heard about Dr. Robertson’s reply, and I was under the impression that he wanted
    to help you and other in this matter, but I later came to the conclusion that he is as
    much a fake as most other “creationist clowns”. On the 28th of November, I emailed
    and faxed the CBN network, the 700 Club, and various people at Regent University,
    in an attempt to get in contact with Dr. Roberson, to give him the information he needed
    to help Michelle, and millions of others with the same dilemma.

    For two weeks, I received no response. So I called Regent University, sending them a
    revealing sample of the PowerPoint presentation, called the “Observations of Moses”.
    I offered to come to the university and explain the sample, and reveal the truth of
    Genesis chapter one. I was told that my information was given to Dr. Robertson’s
    assistant, and that I should wait for their response. I never got any.

    When people need help, you don’t “drag your feet and fall asleep”. Hundreds of
    people are dying in ignorance of the truth every day. If Dr. Robertson (or his regime)
    did not understand or believe what they had been given, they at least should have
    had the decency to give me the benefit of any doubt, and allow me to explain before
    jumping to any conclusions.

    I also wrote the article “The Truth of Genesis: An Appeal to Pat Robertson & the
    700 Club”, and put it on the Internet, in an effort to get his attention. Not only does
    the presentation explain and reveal where the dinosaurs are (such as pliosaurs and
    plesiosaurs) in Genesis, but also the dimetrodons and six-inch cock roaches, which
    lived and died before the dinosaurs were created, in 244 Million BC.

    So I say to all of you. Don’t waste your time with “creationist clowns”, such as
    “young Earth” teachers, all “Old Earth” teachers, and Intelligent Design supporters.
    None of them have the truth, and even though I tried to join forces with them in an
    effort to show them what the truth of Genesis was, they ALL refused to examine
    what I had. I advise you all to stop supporting such hypocrites, that don’t care
    about teaching the truth of the Bible.

    In 1996, my own teenaged child came home from school and said that they had
    learned in science class that Genesis was a fairy tale. He felt betrayed by what
    he had believed in, and was disappointed that his parents were so “naive”. I told
    him that I would explain Genesis after dinner.
    I showed him what I called the “Observations of Moses”, which explained the
    verses in Genesis chapter one. Once he read the scriptures in chronological
    order, his eyes lit up like it was Christmas morning. His belief in the Bible was
    renewed, and his faith in God restored. For 19 years, I’ve tried to help other
    students, but academia and the Clergy won’t let me.

    Therefore, I plead with you Michelle! Contact me! I’ve very easy to get a hold of,
    unlike these others. I can show you and others The Literal Truth of Genesis!!

    Herman Cummings

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