How Have You Changed in 2013?

Top Four…

  • I know I can improve myself.  Most of the time at New Years we make resolutions to get in shape, lose weight, and make personal changes.  In 2013, I had all these goals, but I also accomplished something I had never tried before when I completed a 12-mile, 20 obstacle Tough Mudder in September.  During the eight months I was preparing, I had to fight through a high ankle sprain as well, but I made it.  Crossing that finish line was one of the best feelings in the world. 2013 was the year I realized, “I can do this.”
  • Deeper Understanding.  That’s what I gained when I sought God for answers to some big questions and some issues that weighed on my heart.  Preaching through Revelation, I saw more in it than I ever imagined.  As a book about the big finish, it pulls in all the big questions and forced me to go deep.  Worship became more important as the power of it became evident on Sundays.  Yet it was that emphasis, that opened my eyes to see that worship is actually a fitting description of how a follower of Jesus lives life.  And everything from a couple of weeks in Kenya, to debates with others, to quiet times with just me and God… and I felt like I learned so much.  Let me be like that Mary person and learn at the feet of Jesus and I’m happy.  ….Ok, except let me be a dude.
  • God let me do cool stuff.  Every year we do that giant, evangelistic drama is awesome. I write it, and I play the part of Satan, which means I’m getting beat up at the end, but it’s amazing God lets us do something so fun for the Kingdom.  The radio play by play at the Class I State Championships was a dream come true as well. All in all, the stuff God let me do in 2013 made it a good year.
  • Doing Something Meaningful.  Not everything in the New Year is fun and games, sometimes it’s facing unspeakable tragedies. Saying a few words at a funeral or memorial, working to manage the assistance for the local MInisterial Alliance provided moments this past year that reminded me how great the love and compassion of God really are.  Any part I played in serving Him, is a privilege I’m unworthy of having.  It changed me this year. Deepened me. I’m grateful.

God bless. Happy New Year!


Author: CP

Pastor of Mountain View Christian Church, Mountain View MO. 47 years old, 3 kids and a beautiful wife! God has really blessed me.

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