Some Good Stuff:
Living Waters – Ray Comfort
Lee Strobel
Got Questions?
Apologetics Press

My Stuff:
Age of the Earth Makes You Crazy
Noah’s Flood: The Eyeball Test
Sandy Hook Shooting
Does Reading the Bible Hurt?
Some Big Questions and Deep Answers
Some Jews WERE expecting Jesus to be Divine
the Christmas God
When Bad Things Happen to Good People
The Joplin Tornado and God
An Eternity of Torment?
Knowing Jesus Rose from the Dead
Rob Bell and Hell
Japan’s Earthquake and God
Did God Lie to Us?
Timothy Beal and Is There a Bible?
The Trinity
Who Was Cain’s Wife?
Age of the Earth, Can the Bible be Serious?
Noah’s Flood: Where did the water come from or go?
Noah’s Flood: Examining Some Questions Part 2
Noah’s Flood: Examining Some Questions Part 1
Was Jesus Wrong?
Did the Apostles Really Expect Jesus to Return in Their Lifetime?
Was the Bible Wrong About Abraham’s Age?
Are People in Other Religions Going to Hell?
Harmonizing the Gospels
How Does the Whole Miracle Thing Work?
Is He the Same God in Both the Old and New Testaments?
When a Miracle Doesn’t Come
Using the God Did It Excuse
Facing a Tragedy
The Shooting at Virginia Tech
Is Christianity a Crutch?
Where We Got the Bible


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