Bible Doctrine

Some Good Stuff:
Bob Russell Ministries

My Stuff:
The Rapture: Taking It Literally?
A Small Rant over Harold Camping’s Prediction
An Eternity of Torment
Rob Bell’s New Book Disowning Hell
The Trinity
Divorce and Remarriage in the Bible
Was the Holocaust God’s Wrath?
Church Divisions and Gay Pastors
Did the Apostles Expect Jesus to Return in Their Lifetime?
Do People in Other Religions Go to Hell?
Real Change = Real Repentance
Sermon on Tithing/Giving
The Sabbath: Keep it Holy or Ignore it?
Predestination Stuff
How Does the Whole Miracle Thing Work
Couple of Thoughts on Heaven
Does it Show a Lack of Faith to Use a Doctor?
When a Miracle Doesn’t Come
The Bottom Line on the Jehovah Witnesses Church
Health and Wealth
Musings on Mormonism
Was it Wrong For Solomon to Have a Gazillion Wives?
Age of Accountability
Facing a Tragedy


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