Homosexuality, Abortion, Gambling… Issues that Influence Christians

I should warn you, I’m a senior minister at an independent Christian Church, which means I’m from the same cloth as minister Joe Wright (NOT Jeremiah!) who pastored Central Christian Church in Wichita, Kansas, and Bob Russell, who pastored Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, Kentucky.

Bob wrote a prayer once that Joe borrowed, adapted and then used to open the Kansas State House of Representatives back in 1996. It was a prayer that asked God for forgiveness involving various things, including a few hot button political issues. And while it really attacked items on both sides of the aisle, it nevertheless insinuated that certain things…

…brace yourself…

are sinful before God.

(insert large GASP here)

So OK, I KNOW I’m a radical. I get it. I believe in God, and I believe the Bible reveals God to us. And crazy as it sounds, I believe we have to come to God on His terms not ours. God judges all of us for sin, He judges nations for sin, and eventually, He’ll judge the world for sin. Me and you included.

The Bible however makes it clear that it is not God’s will to destroy us or condemn us for sin, but to forgive us and give us an abundant life -here, but especially, in eternity. Even in the Old Testament, God said stuff like this: Continue reading “Homosexuality, Abortion, Gambling… Issues that Influence Christians”

Real Change = Real Repentance

The greatest need of our nation isn’t merely to elect a certain individual, but to recognize a certain God. And the greatest battle in the coming years won’t be decided at any ballot box, but will be fought and waged in churches, communities, and even on the internet. That battle is a fight to believe in the God of the Bible or to reject Him. To come to Jesus Christ in faith, seeking forgiveness, pledging repentance, or to reject Him as an antiquated idea.

Because, and here’s the thing, that’s all it’s ever come down to: You and God. You and Jesus. Want to change the world? It starts with you and God. I truly believe that because God is the only One who I’ve ever seen who can change a person, quite literally, from the inside out.

It’s not all the political back and forth that changes the world, it’s the people who change and in turn, impact their world. It’s the compassion that loves a brother, gives to the needy, forgives someone who has wronged you, makes sacrifices for the good of others, and lives a life of righteousness that God can bless.

At a time when our nation could use God’s blessing, it’s important to recognize what God has already been telling us. Telling us through natural disasters, through terrorism, through a war that bogged us down and others that spring up, and through a financial crisis that threatens the economy of the world. Continue reading “Real Change = Real Repentance”