The Bible

Good Stuff:
StudyLight, awesome tools to do your own study, too
John MacArthur’s stuff

My Stuff:
Coming to Grips with the Christmas God
Knowing: Jesus Rose from the Dead
Timothy Beal and Is There a Bible?
The Trinity
Who Was Cain’s Wife?
Age of the Earth, Can the Bible Be Serious?
Was Jesus Wrong?
Did the Christmas Story Really Happen?
Did the Apostles Expect Jesus to Return in Their Lifetime?
How Perfect Does the Bible Need to Be?
Contradictions on Anger in the Bible?
The Book of Revelation
The Sabbath Day: Keep it Holy or Ignore It?
1 Peter 1:1-2
Harmonizing the Gospels
Is He the Same God in Both the Old and New Testaments?
The Problem With God in the Bible
Where Did the Bible Come From?


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