Did Revelation Predict What Is Happening in Egypt & the Middle East?

It’s pure speculation at this point, especially when the results of so many protests and attempts at revolution are still up in the air, but how might all this turmoil fit with the Bible? I’d keep my eye on Revelation chapter 6, specifically the four riders of the Apocalypse as they are called. Again, I wouldn’t make any grand pronouncements, but it’s like anything else, it bears watching.

As I explained in a previous post, it’s the first rider that intrigues me most. Revelation chapter 5, the prologue to the four horsemen and the other three judgments, begins with God holding a book sealed with seven seals. In the day Revelation was written, books (or scrolls) were sealed in that way when they were legal documents pertaining to life and death. Many Bible teachers say this book was “the title deed for the earth.” Well, the Bible doesn’t say that, but it is at least true that anyone reading Revelation at the time it was written, would recognize that book was about life and death. And as it turns out, it was about the earth.

It becomes clear very quickly that it is a book about judgment. Chapter 5 begins by asking the question “Who is worthy to open the book and to break its seals?” (verse 2) and no one is found in heaven or earth who is worthy.

That is, until Jesus steps forward. Continue reading


Egypt’s Unrest and Bible Prophecy

Watch this Egypt thing play out because it’s a game changer, not only in the Middle East, but also in the way people will view Bible Prophecy. Egypt has the biggest military force in the area besides Israel, so they have been a big reason why there has been an uneasy truce between Israel and Hamas. In fact, despite all the hype about Iran, Egypt is currently the most powerful nation in the Arab world, and a nation that Israel tends to watch very closely.

It’s safe to say that Egypt is a very big deal in the Middle East peace process. As in, whether peace exists or not.

Now, if Egypt were to become radicalized lets say, then a chorus of end of the world predictions will likely start being heard, and perhaps with good reason. But by the looks of things right now, it is not radical Islam that is behind this unrest, but people who wish to be free and have a real democracy. What if the secular democracy supporters win out?

Good question. For one, it’s going to trash a lot of the predictions made by Bible prophecy guys and gals. This “turning point in history” as Geraldo Rivera said the other day, sure could end up becoming a GOOD “turning point” in the eyes of most of the world. IF democracy takes hold in Egypt, it is very possible that dictators and radical Islam will find themselves on the way out in nations all over the Middle East. That would be good news wouldn’t it? Continue reading

Atheist Display Mocks Religion?

The Drudge Report linked an article that explained the Illinois State Capitol building had a Christmas display including a Christmas tree, a nativity, and a sign posted by the foundation “Freedom From Religion,” which promotes atheism.

It seems when the Illinois Capitol decided to allow the nativity scene, that also opened the door for other groups to put their “messages” in there as well. The group “Freedom From Religion” applied for a permit last year to put a sign stating their beliefs in the Capitol display in “response to the state’s decision to put up the nativity.” A perfectly legal thing to do, and in my opinion, completely understandable. But…

The sign, which was placed in front of the Christmas tree read:

“At the time of the winter solstice, let reason prevail. There are no gods, no devils, no angels, no heaven or hell. There is only our natural world. Religion is just myth and superstition that hardens hearts and enslaves minds.” (emphasis mine)

Wow. Hardens hearts and enslaves minds? Evidently the nativity really touched a nerve… The same foundation has put the same message in other State Capitol buildings across the country. Continue reading

Belief in God is Part of the Heritage of the United States

Evidently the new Capital Visitor Center in Washington DC leaves this out, but the people who founded our nation had a strong belief in God. Just read these lines from all 50 State Constitutions (someone else posted this, and I thought it was fantastic) : Continue reading

Homosexuality, Abortion, Gambling… Issues that Influence Christians

I should warn you, I’m a senior minister at an independent Christian Church, which means I’m from the same cloth as minister Joe Wright (NOT Jeremiah!) who pastored Central Christian Church in Wichita, Kansas, and Bob Russell, who pastored Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, Kentucky.

Bob wrote a prayer once that Joe borrowed, adapted and then used to open the Kansas State House of Representatives back in 1996. It was a prayer that asked God for forgiveness involving various things, including a few hot button political issues. And while it really attacked items on both sides of the aisle, it nevertheless insinuated that certain things…

…brace yourself…

are sinful before God.

(insert large GASP here)

So OK, I KNOW I’m a radical. I get it. I believe in God, and I believe the Bible reveals God to us. And crazy as it sounds, I believe we have to come to God on His terms not ours. God judges all of us for sin, He judges nations for sin, and eventually, He’ll judge the world for sin. Me and you included.

The Bible however makes it clear that it is not God’s will to destroy us or condemn us for sin, but to forgive us and give us an abundant life -here, but especially, in eternity. Even in the Old Testament, God said stuff like this: Continue reading


WARNING: If you are deeply offended by pro-life and pro-God stances, considering them to be judgmental and uncaring, then you won’t like the following articles. If you have had an abortion and disturbing descriptions by medical workers involved in the procedures will cause you considerable mental anguish, then please consider whether or not you should read the accounts of two medical professionals who give their story. They don’t hold anything back. For those on the extreme, this is a black and white issue, but for many of you, it’s not so easily settled. Most of us understand there are good points and well-meaning people on either side. So I’m not posting this to condemn, but to bring to light the ugliness of abortion and the seriousness of the issue. This should not be a procedure driven by a profit motive, or a political one. Instead, the ramifications of abortion, as well as its morality, should be thoughtfully and seriously weighed by Democrats, Republicans, and normal people. Sin can be forgiven, but we rarely turn from sin until it comes into the light where everyone can see it in all of its horrible, ugly detail, and we can see it for what it is. Abortion, Responsibility, and Love for others etc… will be a few of those things for which we must all answer to God.

Here’s a brief outline of God’s views that relate to abortion Continue reading


Life180Life180 is a ministry we have just started, where we ask people to take 180 minutes of a Saturday, and give people in our community some help. Obviously, it’s also about helping people turn a 180 and begin to follow Christ. So we help out and we share our faith. It might be cleaning up a yard, washing a house, doing almost any sort of work for them. We don’t provide money, just a helping hand for anyone in the community who needs it -the elderly, the poor, people in bad health, anyone. We “officially” set these work Saturdays aside in the church calendar, although occasionally an emergency might arise which causes us to move the day up, or have an impromptu Life180 project.

I’m not trying to brag, I just want you to get a glimpse of what Church is supposed to be about and hopefully one of our ideas might be useful to you in your church. Continue reading